Our Approach

Our Mission

The DayGLOW Music Mission is to influence youth development through music, nature and mindfulness.

The DayGLOW Music Mission will utilize, both indoor and natural, classroom settings, in cultivating a complimentary learning environment. An environment that opens doors for students as they advance from standardized education into the world around them - a world of music, culture and thoughtful human interaction; including mindfulness and teamwork.

It is our goal to contribute to youth development opportunities in encouraging students to turn inward - to the self and the senses - in establishing a thoughtful identity as contributors to their own health and well-being, their community and society at large.

Our Vision

The DayGLOW Music Vision creates positive experiences for students by promoting awareness of the impact of music and positive social interaction; as delivered in DayGLOW Music Schools and through partnerships.

The DayGLOW Music Vision is to serve as an advocate for music education, while instilling an appreciation for nature, mindfulness and collaborative learning. It is our vision to effectively provide music and enrichment programs for students who have under-funded, wholly eliminated or otherwise negated curriculum. We believe this approach can be essential in shaping the character of the whole individual.

DayGLOW Music will support students and their families by serving students in a variety of socioeconomic levels. Youth Music & Enrichment Programs, offered by DayGLOW Music, may be presented at the DayGlow Music Center facility located in Fayetteville, GA and/or also through partnering with other scholastic environments, such as:

  • Public Schools
  • Private Schools
  • After-School Programs
  • Music Related Organizations
  • Community Centers
  • Youth Rehabilitation Centers

Our Story